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With the concern over the environment ever present the EC Directive made it a regulation to put an energy rating on all air conditioning products.

Energy labelling is part of a wider European Climate Change program that targets energy efficiency as one method of reducing CO2 emissions in order to meet the targets of the Kyoto protocol.

The majority of air conditioning systems we install are now 'A/A' rated for both cooling and heating which offers the end-user low energy consumption products. This goes a long way towards reducing annual energy bills when compared to more conventional heating methods.

All our designs incorporate A/A rated energy efficient systems where possible which also bring tax savings through the ECA Scheme.

This energy label provides information on the energy consumption of a unit, classified in seven different categories (A-G) with A being the most efficient.

Annual energy consumption This indicates the amount of energy consumed by the unit within a year. The annual energy consumption is calculated by multiplying the total power input by the average number of hours of usage over a 12 month period. This figures is then multiplied by your electricity tariff.

Cooling output This is defined as the cooling capacity in kilowatts (kW) of the appliance, operating in cooling mode at full load.

Heating output This is defined as the heating capacity in kW of the appliance, operating in heating mode at full load.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) This is the cooling output of the unit divided by the amount of electricity the unit requires to deliver it (total power input). Most manufacturers provide an annual energy consumption based on a certain number of hours of use i.e. 500 hrs per year at full load in cooling mode. In order to calculate the cost of annual energy consumption you simply multiply this figure by your electricity tariff.

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