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We offer an extensive range of fume extraction solutions for various manufacturing processes such as welding, soldering, printing, chemical and dust extraction.

We supply and install machines that protect the single user to centralised systems serving a number of work stations. We can design and install multi-point high volume continuous extraction systems for manufacturing processes such welding bays and soldering manufacturing.

There are two types of extraction systems available:

  • External extraction which extracts contaminated air to the environment outside.
  • Localised extraction which captures air internally through various stages of filtration.

Localised extraction captures fumes at the source thereby preventing fumes escaping back into the workplace. They also filter hazardous particles and gasses which would otherwise be pumped to atmosphere causing pollution.

Bench or floor mounted systems are very versatile and come with various arm attachment options such as the fumecube as illustrated above. These units can be easily transported to different work stations or relocated to new premises should the need arise.

We work closely with the leading manufacturers to ensure we provide our customers with the correct systems for that particular process or environment.

Many types of dust and fume are hazardous to health if inhaled. People can become permanently sensitised to fumes which means that continued exposure, even to very small amounts of fume, may cause asthma attacks or other respiratory diseases.

Protect employee health
Ensure compliance with H&S regulations
Reduce the cost & time of cleaning equipment
Provide a better working environment
Reduce product contamination
Avoid health compensation claims

Ensuring employees are protected from hazardous fumes is essential within the workplace to comply with health & safety legislation.

Service packages & filter replacement available .

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