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Heat recovery ventilation (HRV)

Heat recovery ventilation offers excellent air quality and heat exchange efficiency by minimising heat loss through buildings.

Heat energy which would otherwise be exhausted to atmosphere by conventional ventilation is mixed with the incoming fresh air warming the air entering a building. The reverse happens in warmer climates where the exhausted cool air is used to partially cool the incoming air.

  • Minimises heat loss through buildings
  • Significant saving in energy consumption
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Maintains a fresh pollutant free working environment
  • Works alongside air conditioning systems

Capturing this waste energy means the heating and cooling requirements of a building are significantly reduced resulting in savings in long term energy consumption. We design and install HRV systems for a wide range of applications complete with all duct work services serving an office environment to large factory production areas.

HRV retains up to 80% of the total heat or cooling energy, dramatically reducing energy costs. HRV units are equipped with the latest electronic control system that will automatically by-pass the heat exchanger when it senses that the outdoor air in the summer is cooler than the room air, providing free cooling.

HRV retains up to 80% of the total energy

HRV units can work independently to provide fresh air to a room or in combination with new or existing air conditioning. By lowering the heating and cooling load requirement within a building, running costs can be reduced by up to 30% compared to air conditioning without heat recovery.

30% reduction on running costs

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