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We supply a wide range of mobile air conditioning units which are ideal for small offices and the home where instant cooling is required with minimal cost outlay and simple installation.

Mobile units come with a flexible hose to exhaust hot air to the outside either through an openable window or through a hole formed in an outside wall. It can also be attached to a ceiling tile forcing air into an open void above which is sometimes the prefered option.

Although mobile units do not offer the same performance, effeciency, nor cooling capacity as the fixed installed inverter systems they are seen as a cheaper alternative for cooling small areas which have minimal heat gains.

They should not be compared with fixed split-systems which are far more sophisticated in their operation and control which is reflected in the cost when comparing the two products.

The majority of mobile units only offer a cooling capacity up to 3.5kw so it is important that the right system is chosen based on the size of the area. Deciding on whether a mobile unit will achieve the required level of cooling would depend on the heat gains for that particular area. The greater the heat loads within an area the more powerful the unit must be in terms of cooling output.

The benefits of installing mobile units is they have no outside condensers nor refrigeration pipe work as like with all split-systems, easily moved around the office to suit different working positions and can operate from a standard 13amp plug socket.

An alternativie to installing a mobile would be a fixed system but one that does not require an outdoor condenser or any pipe work. Seen as a more advanced system to the mobile units these systems are extremly popular for small office areas and the home.

We also supply dehumidifiers, portable fans, evaporative coolers and industrial fan heater burners. There are a wide range of models available for different applications and sizes of area.

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