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We supply a range of wall mounted air conditioning systems that do not require an outdoor condenser or installation of any refrigeration pipe work.

The units operate as a balanced system requiring only two holes in an external wall which form the air vents for removal of hot air from the unit and incoming air make-up to the compressor chamber. Condensate removal is self evaporated through the hot air vent (cooling only models).

Installation of these units requires no special skills and therefore can be installed by the end-user. They provide a very economical solution to air conditioning, particularly when planning permission for external condensers can become an issue due to local councils and landlords etc.

However these systems should not be confused with split-systems which have both an indoor and outdoor unit. With a limited cooling range of 2.1 - 3.2kW they are not suitable for cooling large areas and are not as advanced as the split-system inverter heat pumps.

These units are ideally suited to serve smaller areas and are seen as the more advanced system to the standard mobile portable units which can be bulky in design and very noisy when the compressor is running.

The Benefits

  • No external condensers or refrigeration pipe work
  • Operates from a standard 13A electrical supply
  • Discreet external wall grilles
  • Easy installation
  • Quiet operation
  • High or low level installation option
  • Cooling only or heat pump versions available
  • Uses Ozone friendly refrigerant

The systems come with an easy to follow template for marking out the two 155mm diameter holes in an external wall which should be carried out by a professional builder.

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