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Being able to control a set temperature within server rooms is crucial to businesses of all sizes. Servers are the central hub of a companies processes and operations.

If these systems are compromised it can have disastrous consequences for both the organisation itself and their external customers. It is therefore essential to have air conditioning installed.

Within a confined space such as a server room, heat generated from the equipment can quickly increase room temperatures and hot spots can develop behind server racks without sufficient air movement within the room.

When temperatures rise above a critical level, in most cases it often leads to servers failing, malfunction and system shutdown resulting in constant reboots all because of overheating.

By installing air conditioning into a server room, this will alleviate this problem by providing a constant controlled temperature inside the room if sized and designed correctly.

Life expectancy and reliability of computer equipment will be vastly improved when operating within the recommended temperature ranges.

As with all server applications, equipment operates 24/7 with heat being constantly produced. Only by installing air conditioning can room temperatures be controlled.

We design and install cooling solutions for server areas and IT Suites which can be tailored to your exact requirements, room conditions and the type of equipment being used.

All our installations are backed by our preventive maintenance contracts ensuring the systems operate to their maximum. Reliability of the systems we install is crucial, that is why it is essential to have them regularly serviced and maintained.

We offer various service packages designed for both small and large organisations which can also incorporate our emergency callout service.

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