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We offer a FREE no obligation detailed site survey and quotation on all enquiries that we receive whatever size of job from a single system for the home to large sites being refurbished or upgraded to new builds.

A site survey is necessary for us to ascertain the nature of the site and any restrictions that could possibly affect the installation. In some cases, especially for small installations we can provide a quotation without carrying out a survey of the site but would require some basic details relating to the size of the area. Information we gather from a site survey for a typical air conditioning or refrigeration install would normally consist of the following criteria:

  • Dimensions of area
  • Building structure
  • Heat loads (sensible & latent)
  • Plant location
  • Pipe runs & services
  • Existing electrical supplies
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Type of environment
  • Site access & restrictions

On large projects whether new builds or refurbishment of an existing site, we work closely with architects, consultants and the main contractor during the initial planning stage to get a overview of the building design, structure and its limitations.

The information we obtain provides us with a detailed overview of the type of installation and the environment conditions to allow us to accurately specify and design the correct system to be installed. This data is entered into our design software which calculates the cooling/heating loads, air change rates required for that particular area or site.

Considering air conditioning or ventilation for your premises? Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and to arrange a convenient time for us to carry out a survey.

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