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When designing a project requiring ventilation, extraction or both there are several key factors that have to be considered to comply with the latest building regulations.

The stated fresh air requirement for general buildings is 10 litres/sec per person which meets Design Part F & Part L Building Regulations. We ensure our designs achieve the design criteria for that particular environment allowing fresh air to circulate around the workplace effectively whilst replacing stale and noxious air, providing a healthier working environment.

Our design engineers calculate the required air change rates, air volumes, fan duty, duct work and grille sizes to ensure acceptable air velocity and sound levels are achieved. This combined with systems offering excellent performance and energy efficiency.

  • Fresh air ventilation
  • Extraction of stale pollutants air
  • Improves productivity in the workplace
  • Significant saving in energy consumption
  • Maintains a fresh healthy working environment
  • Designed to work alongside air conditioning systems

We never compromise on the design nor the materials or equipment as misinterpreting this information can result in installations not meeting Building Regulations or Health and Safety standards. Our designs primarily focus on providing energy efficient, effective, reliable systems designed to meet your exact requirements and budgets.

We can design and implement a bespoke ventilation/extract system at an affordable cost that can operate independently or in conjunction with existing or new air conditioning systems. We also install heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems designed to reduce energy loss through buildings.

We also provide solutions for fume extraction used in soldering, printing and welding processes as well as compact multi-point extraction systems for the home.

Our designs meet Part F & Part L
Building Regulations

We take into account all aspects of a building design and structure and incorporate these into our design calculations Information gathered from our site surveys is entered into our ducting selection programme which determines the type of system and installation that best suits that environment and the end-user.

We use CAD software to illustrate the various stages of an installation incorporating external plant, size and layout of duct work and ceiling grilles. Drawings are produced detailing these key elements which are then issued to client or the clients' representative for sign off and approval prior to works commencing on site.

We incorporate into our designs materials and products from the leading manufacturers' such as:

  • Vent-Axia
  • Helios Fans
  • Lindab
  • Roof Units

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